Tour to Choquequirao

Inca Trail to Choquequirao

From Casa de Salcantay three trails are organized.

To choquequirao (4 days) to Machu Picchu (6 days), and to Huancacalle, also 6 days. All go over original Inca-trails and all over Choquequirao. The trails can be done individual or in groups; walking or in a combinations of walking and horse-driving.

Most famous of course is the trail to Choquequirao and back to Cachora. Here the Programm.

Programm for trail to Choquequirao (3 nights)

Day 1. Cachora to Santa Rosa
During the breakfast our team will fix the baggage on the horses in order to allow us to start our trail. In approximately 2,5 hours we walk to Capuliyoc that is located at 2.912 meters. Here we will enjoy the beauty of the valley of Apurimac and the snow-capped picks of Padreyoc. We might experience to see the astonishing flight of «Andean Condor». Then we start descending. First to Chiquisca, located in 1.950 meters and then to Playa Rosalinas at the river. A small rest is planned at both locations. The last 3 km we have to ascend to our camp at Santa Rosa.

Day 2. Santa Rosa – Choquequirao – Marampata
From Santa Rosa It will take us 2 hours to get to Marampata. Here we have a rest and make preparations for a camp later. From Marampata it is a 1,5 hours walk to the archaeological complex of Choquequirao where we reach an altitude of 3.035 meters. There is enough time to see the ruins before going back to Marampata for dinner and camp.

Day 3. Marampata – Chiquisca
After breakfast we decent to Playa Rosalinas at the river where we have lunch. From Playa it is 2 km. up to Chiquisca. We might have our camp here or, if our legs are willing, even a little higher up at Cocamasana.

Day 4. Chikisca – Cachora – Cuzco
After breakfast once more we will have the occasion of seeing the Condors at the steps of Capuliyoc. From here we descend to Casa de Salcantay at Cachora where we will have a delicious lunch. After the lunch you can choose to stay a little longer to exchange your experiences, or leave to Cuzco.

The programme in combination with horse-driving is similar. We use the horses only to ascent and straight parts. Not to descent, because some parts of the trail are very steep and to dangerous to drive on horse.


– The total costs of the Inca Trail are US $ 320,- a person..
– For a saddled horse you pay an extra fee of $ 120,- for the 4 days use.

The price includes:

– Pack horses and muleteer(arrieros)
– One saddle horse for emergency.
– Cook.
– Helping guide (local guide) From 4 people or more
– 3 meals a day, snacks for underway
– Tents, sleeping, mattresses, walking sticks and cooking equipment
– First-aid box

Not included:

– Personal gear like a small backpack, waterbottle, repellent, suncreme, etc.
– It is posible to request a professional or bilingual guide.

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