Our Vision

San Pedro de Cachora, Apurimac Perú

Casa de Salcantay is situated in one of the most poorly parts of Peru. Welfare is a relative concept here. The vision of the people of Casa de Salcantay is to let the children and parents employ themselves in their own environment and neighbourhood in their own culture with knowledge of their surroundings.

At Casa de Salcantay they contribute to this by supporting different activities in the village. Active and financial. Every year there is a donation at an organisation that support the village on the part of education, medical or social. Like a school, Hospital or orphanage. Casa the Salcantay helps with missionwork, stimulates donations, helps with buildingprojects and makes ad/hoc rapports to the administration.

Tour to Choquequirao

From Casa de Salcantay, Choquequirao is in reach within two days. The ruins are not easily accessible because of the altitude. There is a difference in level of 1600 meters in altitude. First a descending to the river Apurimac followed by an ascending from the valley to the ruins. The landscape is spectacular and more then worthwhile the effort.

The construction of the different levels of temples, palaces, canals and aqueducts is really fantastic. As one guide stated «Choquequirao is the city which demonstrates the inspiring example of an elite Inca ceremonial centre. A city dedicated to the worship of the mountain gods, the river and the elements of nature.»

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